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Michael Evan Werner was born and raised 2 hours north of NYC near Kingston, NY.   He is the third of four brothers so every day was a party.   Running and sports were an everyday pastime in his life.  He discovered acting in high school and it caught hold of him.  Sports became more of a hobby and he started devoting his time to learning about acting, singing, and dancing.   After performing in his local community theater for many years, he finally got the push he needed to take the plunge and he moved to NYC in April of 2015.

Mike currently resides in Queens, NY where he is pursuing his dream of performing in Film, TV, Theater, and Musicals.   Some of his biggest goals include filming a movie where he gets to play baseball, filming a movie musical where he gets to combine his two favorite mediums of the arts, and filming a movie where he gets to work with one of his idols.   Some of those idols include Hugh Jackman, Vin Diesel, and Dwayne Johnson.

As long as he is breathing, he won’t stop chasing his dream.

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